Day One Hundred and Fifty-six

Yesterday was pretty good. We both worked. The day went by VERY SLOW for me and very fast for Kristyn and it’s usually the other way around so I’ll take it.

Here I am looking crazy about the eyes. This was in a car supply store. (Is that what it’s called?) More on this later.


Here is a thank you card my cousins Marianne and Phil sent us for their daughter Alison’s Communion. We totally couldn’t go what with being a continent between us but love that they thought of us. And the picture is adorable!


Here is Elvira. Every morning she comes and sits by me.


She starts tap dancing around me when I put on my makeup and when I eat.


And then she shoots her little fist skyward in a gesture I call “Fistyclause”. Don’t ask.


Here is a picture of Betty White and her husband Allen Ludden. This is from the calendar we have of her. Isn’t she beautiful?


Here we are in the car stuff store. We have a pididdle and Kristyn wants to fix it herself so we needed to buy a bulb. Here’s some car stuff (looking at bulbs bored me and I was only mesmerized by a Virgin de Guadelupe iPhone carrying case very briefly):




And there is Krissy, hard at work, picking our lightbulbs to fix the car. Something is going to happen to her soon. She is too trusting.


I was feeling slap-happy and pulled out an old trick. I knocked her over from the kneeling position. Here is the picture I snapped of her face as he was falling:


She was ANGRY. Well, as angry as Kristyn gets anyway.


Here is a more composed angry picture. I included both because the top one conveyed a natural rage and disgust while this one showed a more together Kristyn. In the above two pictures she isn’t giving me permission to take the picture whereas in this one I said, “Let me take a picture of how angry you are right now.” And she did.


Q. Now why would I do such a terrible thing?

A. Because we used to do this to each other ALL THE TIME. It was like a game.

Q. Okay so why is this evil then?

A. Because we BOTH had really sore backs this week and BOTH ended up staying home because of it. My back started hurting last Saturday morning and was in pain all week until Thursday. Kristyn’s started hurting on Sunday night and hurts right up until now. So this was a totally thoughtless bad move on my part. Sorry Kristyn! (It was hilarious though and she was *mostly* okay.)


Dear Coleen,

You are a jerk.

Go to hell,
Your conscience

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