Day One Hundred and Fifty

Yesterday I sat outside ALL DAY AND ALL NIGHT. I watched United States of Tara until there was no more to watch. LOVE Eddie Izzard on the show this season. Love him any which way really. But he’s particularly great here. Too bad the show was axed. Boo…

Also, I got more work on my cross-stitch done and relaxed. Oh I’ve calmed the funk DOWN since yesterday. I over-reacted definitely and all is not lost.

Kristyn came home from work and we went over the bills. It’s gonna be a tight few months again but we have plans in place so that’s good. We’ll just have to walk a tightrope but we’ve gotten somewhat good at that.

But for now, this is Memorial Day weekend and we need to think about the sacrifice that our troops are gifting us with every day, especially LS’ husband.

Here are my pictures of yesterday. I took yesterday to have fun and today I caught up on some stuff. Tomorrow Kristyn has off and so do I so we will FINALLY have a day off together. It’s the first one since we flew home together in mid-April to see Nana and our families.







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