Day One Hundred and Forty-nine

Yesterday was a flat out shitty day. One of the shittiest I’ve had in a while and that INCLUDES the day Nana passed, her wake AND her funeral. (Because those were all kind of sad but really nice events.) This? This was just a shitty day.

The worst part was that I found out that my friend LS’ husband died in Afghanistan. He was a pilot for the US Army and he died in combat in a crash. My heart is BROKEN over this. I haven’t seen LS in a long time but we’re FB friends and we used to be tight. She got involved in the military after we stopped hanging out. She met her husband and they were married just last June after being together for years. He was deployed soon after their wedding and they didn’t get to have a honeymoon. Just last month she was counting down the days until he came home for a visit. She posted pictures of their reunion and they just looked so RELIEVED to see each other. So sweet. And they had their honeymoon. She just posted pictures of it last week. It was somewhere tropical and they looked like they had a great time. He just went back to Afghanistan. And I found out this morning that she is pregnant, just told him last week. MY. HEART. IS. BROKEN. FOR. THEM. I never met him but I cannot imagine what she’s gonna have to go through now. I was so so happy for her. I still am. When we found out he’d passed we were sad they didn’t have any kids. Its really bittersweet but I’m glad she will have his baby. Now he’ll always be with her. LS if you ever read this, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your family’s sacrifice. I don’t know how I could ever repay the favor. Just know that my heart and prayers are with you always.

And here’s my stupid picture of the day. I made it silly because I was tired of crying my stupid eyes out. This is me and m’lephrechaun. Nana made this. She gave it to me when I went to visit her. She gave me and my sister a lot of patterns to make these holiday wall-hangings and she wanted me to have one that’s already made to see how she did it. She told me to pick one out and show her for approval to take home haha. She has a million of’m for all different holidays but I chose the leprechaun because it reminds me of Nana (cuz we’re Irish) and because I don’t have any Saint Patrick’s Day decorations and that is a travesty. If you look closely you can see my watery tear eyes. BOOOOOOOOO.


Thumbs down, Friday, May 27, 2011. THUMBS DOWN.

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