Also, I was sitting outside at lunch and two guys walked by. One dude was kind of a just regular guy. Businessy dress, but young, like late 20’s-ish. He was walking with some hipster guy was was saying, “The thing is…there is NO SUCH THING AS A COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT! If you read the Communist Manifesto, it says…” The comment trails off because they were walking past and I didn’t hear the end of it but the regular guy was kind of like, “Okay, okay, okay” in words and demeanor. Like kind of when you’re talking to someone and you suspect you might be having a fight with them without realizing or actually moreso, that they are having a fight with you for some reason even you though are both saying the same thing OR not opposing their point at all. When I heard the hipster talking, I had a series of thoughts:

1) As a population, we are over-educated, at least in this town. Take it down a notch, this is lunchtime.
2) I really am repelled by hipsters.
3) Why won’t Netflix just turn on? (I was trying to get my Netflix Instant to work on my phone and it just…wouldn’t…go.)

2 thoughts on “P.S.

  1. I love love love hearing little snippets of people’s conversations, out of context, as they walk by. I’m a people watcher, but a people listener too. I also try to eavesdrop as much I can.

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