I introduced myself to a new intern today and he started asking me questions about myself. I told him a bit and then asked him some questions about himself. He said he is from Colorado and this is his first time living in LA. I asked him where he was living and it turns out he is renting a pool house in the Hollywood Hills for DIRT CHEAP for the summer. “Wow, that’s great, how’d you get that?” I said. He said, “Well, I know someone. Well actually it’s how I got the internship. Someone I know knows an executive here.” I said, “Those are great connections! You have to use’m. I didn’t have any when I got here.” He said, “Well I did, that executive went to the same school I do.” I said, “It’s always great to know someone, at least to get you an interview.” He said, “Oh I didn’t have to interview for this. I just got it because I know someone.” And he said it like the idea of interviewing for something was ludicrous. THIS IS WHAT I’M UP AGAINST.

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