What a difference a day makes. Okay. I want you to look at yesterday’s results. This is the sum total of hits I received in the entire day:

Now look at today:

Now what you WANT to think is that it’s only 11:21am PST and that isn’t bad for just being the morning especially considering all of my family and friends live on EST where it is 2:21pm. BUT every day I’ve been coming in to find that BEFORE I EVEN POSTED ANYTHING, there are like 60 hits whereas I only used to get 60 hits on a good day. So what I have and what you see above is kind of high for not having posted anything yet today but nowhere near the numbers I’ve been seeing. So IDK maybe it just WAS someone checking the blog for info? I mean sometimes I’m bored at work too so who knows? Or maybe WordPress saw this and stepped in? But it CAN’T be someone just obsessively checking this blog because before I shut down the “Bisexual Buberella” page, THAT was the only page that was being checked OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER again. Now it’s the main page. This is what tells me its a web crawler site. That and the fact that I’m getting weird searches in Urdu or some shit haha. I don’t know, whatevs. I just wanted to show you this. Oh internets what am I gonna do with you?

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