End of Day

Okay so here are TODAY’S total pageviews for my blog at the end of the day:

And here are yesterday’s pageviews:

Today’s look MUCH more typical than yesterday’s do.  And my blog hasn’t had a mere 43 pageviews since early May.  It’s definitely possible more people are reading because I’ve been distraught over Nana.  I find that the more upset I am in mylife, the more pageviews I get.  I swear to God haha.  I think it’s just more interesting. Schadenfreude and all that (aka human nature). But unless someone just has my page queued up and is checking it randomly, this has to be a robot. BUT WHY THEN would the views suddenly stop? The only answer is that it was a person. BUT WHY THEN would that same person be obsessively checking my “Bisexual Buberella” page where the insanity first began? Oh who knows. I just thought the developments were interesting in a seriously tiny way.

Gotta go home now!

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