Day One Hundred and Forty-six

My hairs have been making me TOTALLY FNG CRAZY lately. I’m not used to having long hair and it’s like wearing shag carpet on my head at all times. If I put my purse on my shoulder, it pulls all my hair. Whenever I go to run my fingers through my hair, there is inevitably a HUGE snarl that I cannot even believe was in there. It’s definitely in need of a trim again and my bangs were the worst of it. They got too long and then developed a “wave” in them. Bangs are NOT supposed to have a wave in them. Right?

So I have been intending to cut my bangs slightly but have been putting it off. I took this picture:

And then said, “Out damn bangs!” I went into the bathroom and cut them until they looked like this:

Not bad for a hack job, no?  Although I’m sure some hairdresser will fall to the ground in a dead faint over me doing this.  (Don’t they always?  Drama queens.)  So anyway, Kristyn picked up a half shift at the animal hospital yesterday and got out at 8.  I picked her up and we went home.  She did dishes while I made us nachos for dinner.  And then she sat on the computer and ignored me for the rest of the night while writing articles for LA Music Blog.  Here she is, hard at work, and ignoring me.

Here she is glaring at me for carrying on about her ignoring me.  I kept screaming, “SOMEONE IS IGNORING ME!!!  WHAT SHOULD I DO?  I’M SOOOO ALOOOOONE!”  This is the face I received.  So I said, “Ooh!  Let me take a picture of you glaring at me!”  And she let me.  Ask and ye shall receive.

And here is my Potato Head being ignored.  This Irish Potato Head is why I don’t wear my hair up in public.  Boom.

And the rest of yesterday was kind of uneventful. I like uneventful. Oh BUT my Mother got a car! I’m so happy for her!

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