This is what I’m talking about

123 views to my Home Page.  Yeah right.  Before I took down “Bisexual Buberella, those 123 pageviews would have been on there.  Typically I’ll get like 20 Home Page views and then a smattering of other pages looked at.  And I rarely put a jump on any of my posts, so there’s never really a reason to click on the ACTUAL post to see the whole thing so I assume that most of my legitimate views are on my Home Page and then robots/accidental internet people make up the rest.  And the thing is, the searches that go along with these posts, don’t even really line up.  Maybe I’m getting myself worked up over nothing but it’s spooky to know that some droid robot out in interwebs world is like “TODAY I SHALL ATTACK BUBERELLA.WORDPRESS.COM…”

Sigh, motherfunkers, sigh.

2 thoughts on “This is what I’m talking about

  1. i don’t understand why and what for the robot wants with your blog… do robots eat interesting blogs for dinner?

    • Haha I have no idea. And that is what I’m afraid of. Like WHAT DO THEY WANT FROM ME? I don’t have anything to give. I don’t have a readership of thousands that they can feast off of. I don’t have commenters really. I don’t have any financial ties to this blog or any credit card info, etc on here. I delete any spammy comments and they aren’t gonna find any real personal info on me on this blog, just surface shit and my ramblings. But there are weird web crawker programs that send out feelers all over the net to gather info whether it be identity fraud or credit card fraud or to get you to click on a link to give you a virus. I’m careful with that shit so I don’t know why they are here. Maybe now that I posted my low stats, they’re like “Ooh boring, let’s move on.” Maybe they thought this blog had more sway than it does. Wrongo fools, just my fambly and friends up in here!

      (Also thank you for saying that my blog is interesting! : D )

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