I’m thinking of putting this blog on private. It’s getting hit a LOT lately by spammers. I mean WordPress is pretty good about deflecting hits but I probably get like 20-40 GENUINE users per day, if that. I mean I don’t know who you are, but I know you’re probably family plus like a few internet people who have me saved (like I do with other blogs). The PROBLEM is that for some reason my blog has been under siege a lot lately and I’ve been getting like 100+ views per day. Typically, since I started this blog, one post will be repeatedly spammed by robots. Usually it’s one of my West Memphis Three posts. I’ll get all wacked out spam that I have to delete that redirects to some spammer site. You guys never see that because WordPress has a good filter and I delete it right away. But my “Bisexual Buberella” post started getting an inordinate amount of views. At first it wasn’t much so I thought it might be google hits based on the news. Like I can see what search engine terms people used to find this blog. Usually I get hits based on “banana tootsie roll pops”, “West Memphis Three” (and anything to do with them), “Calvin and Hobbes”, “Kate Moennig” and some other stuff. I’ve either written a post on these subjects or posted a picture of these things and depending on public interest or what’s going on in the media, people might google these words and my blog will pop up. They’ll either click on a picture and come onto my blog OR click on a link that leads them here. It’s kind of interesting. So, it makes sense that these posts get a lot of hits to me because they’re not like personal subjects. I do get googled once in a while myself. People will google “buberella” or “booberella” to get here and that’s cool. What doesn’t make sense to me about the “Bisexual Buberella” hits though are that there are NO SPAM attempts. Like no robots are leaving spam at all. And there are no google searches to find this blog based on “bisexuality”. So these aren’t real users. And I hid that page from public view and now I am getting zillions of hits on my main page. And I haven’t done anything interesting lately that would warrant my family and friends to check my page like a hundred times a day. Like usually when my life is a little interesting or if I post four posts in a day, I will get more reads because let’s face it, we all have office jobs that we need to kill time at, might as well see what ol’ Coleen is going on about. (Or at least that’s why I read other people’s blogs, to kill some time.)

The point is that there is some webcrawler robot that keeps hitting my blog and seemingly getting nothing out of it. They’re not spamming for clicks on their bogus site. There isn’t anything I put on this blog that would captivate thieves or advertisers. It isn’t particularly thought-provoking or funny. It’s just the mundanities of my life and I do it for fun and I do it for my family and friends. Moreso than that, it’s just a habit. I like the idea of blogging because someday I will have a record of my life. I mean not ALL of it, but some of it. And I literally CANNOT write with my hands anymore. I tried to the other day and it was a fookin mess. I just don’t have the dexterity that I used to but I can type at the speed that I think (for the most part). So it’s tough because I WANT to keep this journal but I kind of DON’T want the internet at large to have access to my life, as innocuous as this is.

So I guess what I’m saying is that I haven’t made up my mind yet but I’m likely going to dim this blog, coming soon. I’m going to carry on with it and I will set it up so you need a password to read it. Anyone who wants one can have one. Which kind of leaves us in a conundrum because as much of a blog WRITER as I am, I am also a fervent blog READER. And I’m lazy so I rarely leave comments on the blogs that I read. So I know all of this info about all of these people but they have no idea I even exist or care about their goingson because I’m like a spooky blog ghost. The point is, if you read this and don’t want me to know, we might have a problem that I don’t know how to fix. If you read this and you don’t care that I know, we’ll have an easier time of it. If you read this once in a blue moon and come here to find a locked door, I don’t know what we’ll do. So therein lies the problem. I know that what I say or do is not important enough to keep anyone up at night but I’ve had a few blogs I read go down and I miss those people a bit. Kind of like losing a friend. I still sadly go to their url’s once in a while, hoping they’ve changed their minds but no. Still I find myself on a darkened doorstep. Oh internet what are we gonna do with each other?

That being said, I have a doozy of a day to post for you. GOOD MOTHERCRUNKIN TIMES WERE HAD.

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