Day One Hundred and Forty-four

Yesterday was a good day to be alive. Me and Kristyn woke up early. She talked to her Mom on the horn and then I made us breakfast while Kristyn did some dishes. For breakfast we had:

Pumpkin Spice-flavored coffee
A tofu scramble with: Tofu, Veggie Italian Sausage, Garlic, Onions and Mozzarella
French bread with oil, balsamic vinegar and garlic

So good. After that we finished our coffee and watched some Parks and Recreation until it was time for Kristyn to got to work. Since we were up early, we had a LOT of time to chill together and relax. We need to do that more often since we have no days off together.

After Kristyn left, I sat outside on the lanai again and watched TV. I also updated my resume (you never know and it’s good to have it up-to-date) and wrote down some goals in me goal book. Big ones and small ones, as per usual. I also did some more work on my Michael Jackson Thriller cross-stitch. It’s really starting to take shape! I drank some Apricot-flavored beer and had a good dinner. (Veggie burger, corn on the cob and a salad.) I talked on the horn with my Mom for a while and then came inside and did more of the same: TV, MJ cross-stitch. Kristyn came home and we went to bed. Good times.

Today we have something we want to do that is AWESOME. If we get to do it, it will blow everyone’s minds! Well not really but it’ll blow ours haha. Here’s my pictures from yesterday, post-Rapture:

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