Day One Hundred and Forty-three

Yesterday I sat outside on the lanai all day from noon to four. It was kind of awesome. I watched Modern Family, The Office and Parks and Recreation. Also, it was the Rapture. I didn’t believe in the Rapture but a few days before it I read some articles about how people had quit their jobs, etc and it made my superstitious heart a little “what if”-ish. But I put it out of my head blahblahblah but at 6pm EST, a volcano in Iceland started spouting off, an earthquake happened in New Zealand, off the cost of Indonesia, Japan, Papua New Guinea and a couple of other places. THAT, quite honestly, freaked me the feck out. I sat for an hour and hit refresh on my computer looking for earthquake stats. Then I decided to calmly go inside and make dinner. Then I decided to lay down and take a nap. I woke up at 7pm (one hour past PST Rapture) and was fine so I decided to go about my day. Kristyn came home around 9 and we made a great dinner. We had veggie burgers, cheese fries and corn on the cob. We relaxed and hung out until we went to sleep. It was a nice/nerve-wracking day!

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