Day One Hundred and Forty-one

This picture of me from yesterday was taken on a freight elevator. I have a “thing” with my job’s freight elevator. I take it because no one else does and it’s the quickest way to the parking lot. Weirdly, I also like that it reminds me of my favorite Chinese restaurant (Golden China what what!) in NJ’s super weird metal-walled bathroom. Feel free to judge me!

Also yesterday I went for drinks with some of the other assistants in the department. It was nice to put some names to faces because I haven’t met a lot of them formally. I didn’t get a drink because I can’t tolerate even one glass of alcohol and be expected to drive in any coherent fashion so there was that. It was great to talk with everyone though!

I came home and ate dinner, chilled, watched 30 Rock and napped until it was time to pick Lil’ Krissy up.

Here is a picture of my Meatball Head in a NJ Chinese Food Restaurant Bathroom-styled freight elevator:

Here is a weird picture of Monster’s face when we woke up in the morning:

Here is a more distinguished picture of his grill taken seconds later:

Here is a blurry picture of Elvira prowling around on us in the morning:

Here is a picture of the purple tree at the end of our block:

Here is a picture of a lunch truck that made me chuckle. It says, “Meat our balls: Great Balls on Tires”. Good. Times.

And here is another one that made me kind of giggle. It’s called “India Jones”. Oh you guys.

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