Day One Hundred and Forty

This is a picture-heavy post. I got back into Hipstamatic and taking walks at lunchtime again so flowers it is! I couldn’t decide which ones I wanted to post and Kristyn likes it when I put up pictures so here you have it.

Yesterday I felt like I was going to faint all afternoon. I felt like I was burning up and was really dizzy. The new intern recommended I drink some cold water and so I did that. It helped a little. Then I realized for some reason that a can of soda might set things right. Surprisingly it did! Full recovery. Today I have errands to run at work and they’re boring ones so IDK if I’ll document them. OH BUT!!!


So excited to actually just be getting to stepping to finishing this gd Bachelor’s Degree already…

So last night I went home and made myself a chick patty sandwich and a salad and I heated up some leftover garlic fries from a lunch that Kristyn’s boss bought here on Tuesdizzle. Then I did some quick laundry, worked on a project and updated my resumizzle. I am hoping to get hired here permanently but there is nothing set in stone. I’m not sending anything out just yet but I want to be READY TO GO in case I need to be. I fell asleep watching 30 Rock and then got up to pick Kristyn up for work at midnight.

Today I have a fun thing planned that I’m excited about and then more resumizzle updizzles.

Here is my superlong photo essay of yesterday!

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