Day One Hundred and Thirty-nine

Yesterday was a great day! Here are the reasons why, in list order:

1) I GOT INTO CAL STATE LA! I know it’s not Yale but they’ve been getting a lot more selective than they used to be because the job market is so bad. When we applied, we heard from everyone that Cal State is a school that you don’t have to worry much about getting into but then we started worrying because we got conflicting info from them and no answers. Turns out they had denied both of us over a “critical thinking requirement” we need to have before we can transfer. I talked to someone from admissions yesterday and he re-evaluated my transcript, talked to a department head and reversed the decision! Kristyn might not end up so lucky. I asked him what the class was that turned the decision around and Kristyn actually has it. I asked the guy if she can be considered under the same qualifications and he said I was one of the last people to be admitted for the semester so it’s unlikely they’ll allow to “favors” to be made. Wish her luck! We still might not be able to go on the fall because we need to pay a fee in order to have the right to register and we just don’t have it. We are still on the paychecks where we are getting debited for taking time off to see Nana. In two weeks, I will get a full check but it will be too late by them. *Pray for lenience!*

2) Also, I took a walk at lunch resulting in the below flora photos. In one of them, it looks like there are bubbles on a plant. It is actually a spider web with dew on it. Pretty right? Well it’s prettier in person, in the photo it kind of looks like spooky spider eggs. :/ I’m going to take another walk at lunch today, it really made me feel good.

3) We came home from work and Kristyn made us burgers and garlic fries (leftover from lunch her boss bought her at work). I made us a quick salad but we were mostly too stuffed to eat it.

4) We talked on the phone with our bff Don Donaldstones (aka Erin) haha. We don’t get to talk to her on the horn often so we were so happy to get the chance! More talking, more often! We love yoooooou!!!

5) WE WENT TO SEE MURRAY HILL AND DITA VON TEESE! Murray Hill is a drag king that we used to go see in NY all the time at Mo Pitkin’s. Murray’s schtick is that he is an old-timey Catskills comedian. He wears polyester suits and ties, has slicked back hair and is mainly an announcer of things. He does bingo and burlesque shows, introduces bands (such as the Gossip) and hosts the Miss Lez pageant every year in Brooklyn. His catchphrase is “Showbiz!” WE LOVE US SOME MURRAY HILL. So Murray MC’d for Dita Von Teese back in the fall but we weren’t able to get tickets either through paying for them or through PR for the music blog. This time, Kristyn was able to score tickets and we were thrilled to go! We aren’t avid fans of Dita’s, just because we have never seen her perform. We were excited to see her though because, come on, she is Dita Von Teese. She is the world’s best burlesque performer. How can you not be excited? The show was at the Roxy in West Hollywood. We had general admission tickets which meant we could find our own place and stand next to the stage. There was a stage and then a long catwalk extending out. We stood up against the catwalk. The catwalk was only like three feet wide meaning we were basically IN the middle of the show. I saw a few quasi celebs there, one being Heidi Montag’s boss from the Hills, you know the one who bans Spencer from shit? Apparently Michelle Trachtenberg (of Buffy fame) was there too but I didn’t peep her. Anyway, Murray was HILARIOUS and totally a breath of fresh air. The show started right off with a Dita performance. She splashed around in a giant martini glass and squeezed a giant NERF olive soaked with water over herself haha. It was awesome. And she is truly exquisite in person. Her waist is mind-bogglingly small. After the show we read online that, when cinched, it is 16 inches around! Crazytalk. Basically the show was paced to have some space between Dita’s performances, I guess because her sets required a little more setup. So there was a few different performers. One was a Russian girl from the famed Crazy Horse Burlesque palace in France. One was a local gal whose stage name was La Cholita. Then there was a another dame from New Orleans who did FLIPS! There was a dude too and then another girl who did burlesque dressed as Elvis haha. Murray came out between each performance and killed it. Dita’s second performance was her coming out of a giant compact. She had a huge powder puff and she used it to powder herself and a girl next to me in the audience. Her third performance was Asian-themed and was so cool. The background music was “Fascination Street” by the Cure and “Young Folks” by Peter Bjorn and John (Kristyn figured these out, I could only make out that she played a Cure song). Both songs were without lyrics and retooled to fit the Asian theme, it was awesome. She came out with a gigantic folding hand fan. She ended up accidentally hitting me in the face with it haha. She turned to me, gave me a look of apology and a little razzle dazzle shake for my troubles haha. So cool. Afterwards we went up to Murray Hill to tell him how much we love him and give him a hug! Murray sort of said he recognized us but it’s (definitely) possible he was being nice. We didn’t want to take up too much of his time and he was in demand so we kept it brief and then left him alone. It was 1am by this time anyway and I had to go the funk to bed! I’m a little tired this morning but it was so worth it!!!

P.S. Sorry for the length of this post! No wait, no I’m not!

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