Day One Hundred and Thirty-eight

Yesterday I was just…not…feeling…anything. It was one of those days where I just kept kicking myself over things that were not even happening. Like nothing was going on and still I was all, “Why do you suck so hard Coleen?” The worst part was that I was attributing that same thing to other people as though other people were doing anything to me. And this is what “hormones” will do to you methinks because there is no other reason for me to have been so “Booooo Coleen” all day. I mean it was literally a day where NOTHING HAPPENED. I worked, my bosses worked, Kristyn had off, nothing off the charts happened and I even got to leave work a little early (aka on time). I’m a dummy.

I went to the supermarket and picked up some stuff. On my way in, I saw two homeless men with a dog on a leash. That’s kind of a “thing” out here, even the homeless people have pets. Anyway, I was getting a cart and the dog looked up at the guy and the look was very distinctly “FML”. Like resigned to his grim fate. I just wanted to offer to pay for the dog and bring her home and washed and fed and giggle and play with her but I didn’t because we already have too many pets in such a small apartment AND it would be a financial burden we cannot take on AND our landlord would murder us straight to death. But I feel so bad for that little pup.

I came home and we put the groceries away and then made cheese fries in the oven and burgers on the grill. We ate’m outside on the lanai and chatted. We came in and watched Parks and Recreation until we fell asleep. It was a good end to a confusing day. Also, my family attended my sister’s graduation from Rutgers and sent me nice pictures of them all together. Wish I could’ve been there.

Today looks like it’s going to be a slow day. One of my bosses is working from home, one isn’t in yet and the other is already in his office. No meetings or anything on the calendar for today. Me and Kristyn have tickets to something awesome for tonight but I don’t want to say what it is because they are courtesy tickets because Kristyn wants to review the show for LA Music Blog. The show is popular and the tickets were hard to track down which means we could still be bumped therefore I don’t want to talk it up and then have fate snatch them back. What I WILL say is that one of the performers will be a breath of fresh air to see and the other one is a legend in her own right (or will be) so that’ll be fun.

Also! Today is exactly two months to the day that I started here at LG! I thought that was notewizzle.

And with that, here is a picture of my floating head:

And here is a mondo adorbs photo of Krissy and Monster just waking up yesterday:

And here is a photo of Ranch-flavored Wheat Thins which I just happen to love. They always remind me of my friend Lauren, no matter what.

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