Day One Hundred and Thirty-seven

This weekend all I did was party. Yesterday I sat outside all day and chilled. I watched about nine thousand episodes of 30 Rock, Modern Family and Parks and Recreation. I sat outside and finished my paint-by-numbers. When that was done, I did some more work on my Christmas blanket. I drank some blueberry beers and hung out. It got kind of cold out but I was enjoying myself so much outside that I just put on warmer clothes and stayed out there until around 9pm. Then I came in, had some dinner and continued to chill until midnight. Basically what usually happens with my weekends are that I give myself a million chores to do “before I can have fun”. I end up wasting all of my daylight hours doing boring stuff like washing dishes and scooping litter boxes. Well no. I waste all my daylight hours PUTTING off washing dishes and scooping litter boxes by laying around the house thinking “I’ll do it in a minute.” By the time I DO the things I have to do, daylight is waning and the day is gone and I’m pissed because not only did I not do my things, but I didn’t take time to have fun outside either. So yesterday I decided to have fun FIRST. BUT if I was gonna party all day, I made a promise to myself that I would clean later. So at midnight, I did a ton of dishes, scooped the litters and straightened up the house. Then I went to bed. BOOM. Good day!

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