Man I got to start taking better photos

I was just reading some other blogs and they have such nice photos whereas the only thing I post are cell phone photos, not even edited. I mean that’s fine and it’s a continuity/convenience choice. The point is that since everything got upended I haven’t been doing any of my hobbies at ALL. I really haven’t had fun for fun’s sake in a long time. Like first I got this job and I had to take time to adjust to that. Then once I was adjusted, we had the GLAAD Media Awards, a trip to NJ to visit Nana, my cousin Heather came to see us and then a trip home for Nana’s funeral. I am only JUST starting to feel myself again. God I hope I get permanently hired because it will suck to have to make another transition BACK to stress-job-hunting-anxiety-times again. The other night I was sitting on the couch and realized that I could totally get back to crafting and stuff. I also realized I can get back to writing for LA Music Blog. I also realized I could get back into photography. I know these ideas aren’t earth-shattering but my mind has just been so pre-occupied this month that it kind of WAS an earth-shattering idea. Haha.

Speaking of shit to “get back to”, I am supposed to be doing the damn dishes. You’d kill me with your bare hands if you saw how many dishes we let pile up. I’ll be back with my photo of the day from yesterdizzle later.

In the meantime, here is a photo of me from about a month ago. I took these Roseanne blanket pictures for a scholarship I applied for that had to do with crocheting. Wish me luck!

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