Day One Hundred and Thirty-five

Yesterday felt like a holiday for some reason. Everyone at the office was kind of spring feverish from the beginning of the day. I think maybe it was because it was nice out? But it’s always nice out in LA so I don’t know haha. Well that’s not true, it’s pretty overcast today but that’s only because I planned to sit outside all day. I’m still going to in a little while. I cleaned about 45% of the dishes and straightened up. Now I’m going to shower and then go sit outside and finish my horse paint by numbers. Good times.

Anyway, here is a picture of me as I was settling down last night. Usually I have to take like ten pictures of myself just so that my face doesn’t look too “nosey”, “double-chinny” or “blurry”. I liked this picture out of the gate so I took it, decided I was satisfied and put the damn phone down. Boom.

And here’s a picture of my shower yesterday morning. The sunlight was streaming in very strong and it just looked pretty to me. The picture didn’t show half of how pretty it was. Damn you iPhone!

And here is a “Little House on the Prairie” DVD. Look who holds the rights. Synchronicity yo.

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