Day One Hundred and Thirty-four

Today is Friday the 13th! I know it’s contrary of me but I always feel like Friday the 13th is a lucky day, for me anyway. But then, nothing in my life ever seems to align with anyone else anyway so by logic, NATURALLY Friday the 13th would be my lucky day haha. So with that, Happy Friday the 13th!!!

Yesterday was another good day! Man this is a good run. And I don’t mean to brag but I have had a year and a half of “bad to harrowing” days so I need to give proper recognition to a good day (or a good stretch of days) when I have one! Haha.

Again, no complaints with work and I just ate dinner and chillaxed when I got home. I watched the rest of a grim two-parter of “Little House on the Prairie” when I got home. (It ended sweetly, no worries.) Then I watched a Nova special on dreams. It was so interesting but it’s weird because I fell asleep before it ended and fell asleep HARD. Then Kristyn texted and it woke me up. I’d slept so hard that I didn’t realize I’d been sleeping/didn’t know where I even was and it was only for about fifteen minutes. I couldn’t figure out what happened to the show I was watching but I guess it had finished playing while I was sleeping. So I texted Kristyn back and told her I was going to pick her up from work later. I put the show back on and rewinded it to where I left off. I watched it for a millisecond and then passed the funk out again at exactly the same spot. And I passed out HARD again and started dreaming immediately. And that’s funny because the part I was watching when I fell asleep was talking about the different patterns of sleep and what different kinds of sleep bring different types of dreams. I don’t remember now what I was dreaming about but it was one of those REALLY REALLY REAL type dreams. So then Kristyn called to make sure I was awake to come pick her up and I woke up with my MIND BLOWN. I didn’t realize that I’d fallen asleep again and the dream was so realistic that it was like I was suddenly in a different world. And the show was stopped again. It felt like I jumped back in time or something. So damn weird. Must finish watching that show! Haha.

An-y-way, enough tomfoolery. Here is a ridiculous picture of me in the car wearing shades. I went to the Post Office to nab some certified letter forms for work and decided to take this goofy picture. If you stare into my lenses you can see a reflection of my hands taking the picture haha.

And you know how yesterday I told you men were dangling from the building cleaning the windows at work? Well they got around to dangling in front of our windows:

And here is Elvira-kins screaming at me through the window. She’s a little baby.

And here is another goofy/blurry picture of yers truly. Could not allow humanity to continue to go on another second without yet another arms-length cell phone picture of my big old Irish melon head (that hats do not fit fyi).

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