Day One Hundred and Thirty-three

I can’t really talk because I’m busy bringing my A game. I had a really great day yesterday. Work went really well. I came home and Kristyn had straightened up a bit so it looked nice in there. Little House on the Prairie, Season 2, Disc 2 came in the mail. (For those questioning, this is a positive thing to have happened to me.) I made myself a veggie burger and then sat on the couch with Monster and watched all the drama that went down in Walnut Grove. After that, I picked Kristyn up from work and we came right back home to Walnut Grove. I’m not gonna say that Kristyn was thrilled about it but she “put up with it” the best she could haha.

I really need to get into the Waltons I think. <—- THIS is a big statement from me. My Mother has endured years of ridicule from me for being an avid Walton's fanatic. I just hated that goddamn John Boy growing up. But I think my headspace is set at "nostalgia" and "family times" so I think this is what I will go into next. Although this won't happen for a while because there are a LOT of seasons of "Lil House".

Okay, time to bring it.

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