Day One Hundred and Thirty-one

Yesterday went quick! I was busy all day and only made tiny mistakes and not many at all either! I feel a lot more “here” and “together” this week, thank god. Last night I came home and we ordered Indian food from a place around the corner. So good! We’ve never ordered from there before. We also played some Dr. Mario which was almost no fun at all haha. Kristyn is way too good and it takes all of the fun out of it for me. Even when she’s letting me win, she still wins and I end up racing the game, making stupid mistakes and losing anyway. Oh Krissy, you’re too good. After we ate, we watched 30 Rock and let ourselves fall into a fanciful sleep on the couches. We got up at like 1am to go to “real bed” but then Kristyn was tossing and turning and decided fanciful sleep was in her best interests. She returned back to ye olde couch to watch some more 30 Rock and get some shuteye. I woke up to it being really cool, almost cold in the bedroom but it smelled so damn nice! The window was slightly open and LA smells really good right now like flowers. So it smelled like fresh air and flowers and was cool. Also it was slightly raining. Best sleep ever. Okay gotta get to work, later yo.

Also, check out what Kristyn did to the cats haha. Look at their faces vs. hers. Don’t be fooled, they love the attention, this is just how they look when they’re being Elmira’d to death.

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