Day One Hundred and Twenty-eight

This post is laaaate today! Bad Bubsy! I was bizzy all day today. And I almost actually forgot to take that picture. I turned all the lights off and laid down (on the couch because we wanted to do some fanciful sleeping). Then I realized I hadn’t taken my picture. I had to get the funk up, turn on the goddamn lights and take a picture of myself. Dummy.

I tell ya I have been a bimbo this whole week. My brain has just been really messed up about Nana and I guess slightly jetlagged. I made so many stupid mistakes this week at work. I eventually had to say to one of my bosses, “I am REALLY sorry. My head is kind of spun but I SWEAR I will get it together.” He told me not to worry and they’re being really good to me and patient but I don’t want to infringe on that patience more than I already have especially since this job means a lot to me, even if it is a temp job. It may be a temp position but if I do a good job, I can be considered for another position in the company when this job ends. If I do a crappy job and make a ton of mistakes? Different story. I mean these are good people but a good job is a good job and a bad job is a bad job and I DON’T want to do a bad job. :/

What else? Oh we wanted to have fun yesterday but by the time we came home, ate and looked stuff up, we were too tired to have fun haha. SO we each drank one beer and giggled at season one of 30 Rock. We determined that Kristyn has basically watched the beginning of all seasons but not necessarily the ends. I don’t know what happens with her towards the ends but so it goes. Sometime last year I had the opportunity to read one of 30 Rock’s scripts, the one where Pee Wee Herman guest stars as Gerhardt Hapsburgh (or something). We watched that episode last night. So good.

So that’s it. That was my day. Nice day at work with flashes of dumbassery followed by a nice evening with Krissy and then sleep.

Oh also about Nana, I think I feel a bit better. I DID burst out crying today but only once and only for a minute or two. Argh. Yesterday I don’t think I cried at all. No wait that’s not true haha. F. Oh Nana why did you have to be so awesome and missable?!


Also I want to say:

Congratulations to my Cousin Kelly on her new home!

Congratulations to my Cousins Jimmy and Sarah on their marathon!

Congratulations to my Cousin Heather on her new car! (And everything else wrapping up smoothly regarding your car haha.)

AND Happy Early Mother’s Day to Mom, Granma Barr, Nana (up in Heaven), Kristyn’s Mom and all the mothers in my life!!!!

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