Day One Hundred and Twenty-seven

I got a lot done at work yesterday. Powered through some of the fog and caught up on some filing. I still have a lot more but I made a significant dent if I do say so myself (and I do).

I came home and had a cheese quesadilla with guacamole, soy cream cheese and salsa for Cinco de Mayo. Good times. I also bought cupcakes at Lark. I ate them, watched some 30 Rock and passed the funk out. Kristyn came home at some point later and we did have a conversation but I apparently didn’t recall any of it because this morning she was going on about “a gunman”. It turns out there was a gunman on the loose in LA last night and Nina had to drop Kristyn off (because she was taking the bus this week so I could get a lil R&R) so as not to die at the hands of a gunman. BTW, Kristyn for some reason pronounces this “Gun Man” haha. That’s just something I thought was funny. Not the actual gunman, just her pronunciation. Also, we’re all fine.

Well it’s lunchtime and I am starving so TTYL yo. I want to do something FUN tonight! We need some fun like whoa.

P.S. Oh the picture of the duckies is from the Water Garden, a business complex across the street from my job. They have tables and a pretty water area there that you can have lunch at.

P.S. #2 The picture of Monster and Edith is notable because they are venturing closer to each other lately. And Edith has been starting to come out of her shell and handle some shit on her own, thank god. Poor little baby.

P.S. #3 This weird picture of my face was something I sent to my Dad. He’d sent me a picture of my Mom and this was my response haha. Here is the picture of my Mom, which I originally forgot to attach:

P.S. #4 Here is a picture of my Dad getting in trouble for taking pictures of my Mom. Yes he sent it to me and yes I am now posting it here.

P.S. #5 Here is a picture of Point Pleasant that he also sent me. I wish I was in Point Pleasant.

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