Day One Hundred and Twenty-six

Yesterday was kind of a wash. I made a few mistakes at work, not big ones but enough to realize that I am kind of knocked off balance. My head is in the clouds. I’m trying to gain focus but it’s difficult with so much chaos in there. Blerg. Anyway, when I left work, I went straight home, had a quick sandwich and parked it on the couch to relax. I’m not overtired but my brain needs a little vacation. I finished watching all of the Parks and Recreation there was to be had on Netflix Instant and decided I wanted to get into something else. They didn’t have Carnivale on Netflix Instant and that’s something I’ve been wanting to get into. I also want to watch Six Feet Under but I didn’t look that up because…obviously. So I did something I never do and scrolled through the movies. (I always watch TV shows.) I found a Movie called “Vision” about a German nun called Hildegard von Bingen. My Mom was recently telling me about a recently canonized nun (Saint Faustina) that my Aunt Rose keeps telling my Mom to read about. I forgot her name at the time (I just had to look it up) and figured this wasn’t her but decided to watch it anyway because it got good reviews. It was actually kind of soothing to watch because it was largely silent and when there was speech it was in German with subtitles. It forced me to pay attention. And Nana was very Catholic so to be in this cloister with these Nuns and Abbots was nice. I fell asleep probably 3/4 of the way through but it was nice. Kristyn took the bus home so it gave me some time to rest my weary bones. It was hot in our apartment so we slept in the living room where it was a bit cooler.

Anyway, I feel a bit more rested and relaxed but I can’t wait until the weekend. Kristyn wants me to go to the beach on Saturday morning and chill out. I think I might just do that.

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