Day One Hundred and Twenty-four

Yesterday I went back to work after sleeping all damn day and it was fine. I felt slightly buzzed from all of the sleep I’d gotten but simultaneously a little worn out. I still feel a little crazy. I guess it’s grief + a ton of sleep + still not enough sleep = slap happiness.

Anyway, I somehow coerced Kristyn to give me a ride to work yesterday because I wanted to “hang out with her” (god we need to figure out a way to have a day off together) and so she needed to pick me up after work. We drove home and found that all the damn electricity was off. We know we paid the bill in full so that was not the problem. A lot of houses on our block were out and the electric company was already on it. We went for dinner at Red Robin in Glendale so’s we wouldn’t have to be in the dark.

When we got home, all the lights were on and we threw ourselves across the bed and talked for a while, mostly about Nana. We were just deciding to get up and watch us some Parks and Recreation when the power went out again. I almost killed my next door neighbor accidentally by talking to him from out of the blackness. He didn’t know I was standing there but I knew he was because he was kind of silhouetted against the light from the moon. I, on the other hand, was standing creepily behind the screen door and my apartment was pitch black. What a jerk I am.

Anyway, the electric company had to replace a transformer (so says the guy from the electric company). Our camping lantern wasn’t working (boo) so I broke out some glow sticks I keep on reserve for when we go camping in case the lantern goes out. We intended just to use them to go to the bathroom, etc but ended up laying on the bed taking pictures of ourselves with the glowsticks for like half an hour straight. Here are the results of this endeavor:

I was just really starting to get into the darkness when the lights came back on. Here I am feeling slightly stupid that I broke BOTH glow sticks for a half hour of darkness and proceeded to use them to take foolhardy pictures of my face from a prone position rather than to use them for practical things such as “survival”. I guess it’s another trip to the dollar store for me!

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