Day One Hundred and Twenty-three

Me and my Dad left Nana’s house at 2:30 am EST on Sunday morning to get me to JFK by 4:30am for my 6:30am flight. Nana lives in Brick, NJ which is South (to Northerners) and Central (to true Southern NJ-ites). Regardless, it’s kind of far from JFK which is in Queens, NY. And we usually fly out of Newark so we kind of had a trip ahead of us. We took my Mom’s GPS and ended up went over the Verrazano Bridge and then all the way around the edge of Brooklyn to get to JFK. There’s got to be a better way to do it without going through Manhattan but we didn’t know what it was so that was what we did. Regardless, we got there at 4:30 on the nose. I was already pre-checked in and went through security. On all of these flights, I haven’t had to do anything but go through a standard metal detector. No X-ray scanner OR pat-down. But on Sunday I had to do both for some reason haha. It was actually pretty interesting and nowhere near as invasive as you’d think. She just passed her gloved hands down my torso in the front and the back. She passed her hands over my skirt and told me to stick my leg out. She passed her hands down one leg and then the other and then she was done. Maybe she didn’t do full-tilt boogie because they’d done the imaging as well. I think I moved while they were taking the picture and it didn’t come out perfect, necessitating a cursory pat-down. Whatevs, it was interesting.

I had a bagel and a Gatorade and waited to board at 6am. I took Tylenol PM (that my Dad had picked up for me) and boarded the flight. For the flight to NJ, I got on the plane and someone was in my seat. It turned out we were double-booked but since I was alone, I volunteered to move and was rewarded with a better seat actually. Boarding this flight, there was again a man in my seat and then another woman showed up who also claimed to be in that same seat. I waived down the flight attendant and it turned out that the man was in the total wrong seat. He WAS the window and WAS in the same aisle but at the other side of the plane. The woman was just totally in the wrong row. I sat down and a young girl sat next to me. It was a jumbo jet. Two seats, four or five middle seats and then two seats. I asked the girl next to me if I could get out to go to the bathroom and assured her that I was going to knock out soon and she wouldn’t hear from me for the rest of the flight.

I was true to my word. I knocked out before the flight even took off. I slept soundly for HOURS. On the flight to NY, I was PAINFULLY awake the entire time. I could not go to sleep for the life of me. This time I was exhausted AND stoned on Tylenol PM. I think I was mostly awake for the last hour of the flight. I on-and-off watched Parks and Recreation and then landed at LAX, no problem at 10am PST (I think). Kristyn met me at the terminal and gave me a pretty purple plant in a pretty purple pot. We went to breakfast at Milly’s near our house. We ate like pigs and then came home at around noon. I showered and stretched out on the couch. We watched Parks and Recreation and I passed the hell out at like 1:30pm. Kristyn woke me up to say goodbye when she was leaving for work and I slept like the dead until 6:30pm. I woke up for about three hours and passed out at 9:30pm again. I woke up at 2am when Kristyn got home and went immediately to bed and slept until 7:30am. I took my picture of the day of me smiling with my eyes closed because I napped all day, was happy to have been able to go home for Nana’s funeral and was happy to be on my couch at home.

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