Day One Hundred and Eighteen

Yesterday my Dad was at my Granma’s house and he texted me this picture he’d just taken (and decorated) of her along with this message “Hi Coleen”. Haha. So I took this AMAZING picture of myself at work and sent it back to him with this message, “Hi Grandma!”

He said, “Grandma got a chuckle out of that. :-D”

Me and Kristyn were going to go to Comedy Death Ray at UCBLA last night but juuuust missed the show. So we went to Trader Joe’s to get litter for Chucky and then went home and chilled out. We FINALLY got a chance to sit down and watch Goodnight Burbank (so good!) and then we watched Parks and Recreation until we passed out on the couches. We Tylenol PM’d ourselves so’s we’d get a good night’s sleep and a good night’s sleep I had indeed.

I got a text from my Mom this morning saying that Nana is fading a bit more but very comfortable. Please say a prayer for her, I will be all day. :*)

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