Day One Hundred and Sixteen

We had a really fun day today! We went for breakfast at Home, this cute place near us. They gave us a free chocolate chip cookie for Easter. The waiter attempted to write “Surprise!” in icing on the cookie. See below, it was an adorable attempt that went a little awry.

Afterwards, we came home and Heather taught Kristyn how to play the Inspector Gadget theme song on the guitar while I got showered. I drove Kristyn to work while Heather went jogging and got ready.

Me and Heather went to Peet’s coffee and Crumbs cupcakes. Then we went to get on line at UCB to see Assscat 3000. Afterwards we went to K24 to have dinner and then came home. I picked Kristyn up from work and now we’re in bed.

I’m sorry if this post reads like a book report haha. I am really tired! Haha. Zzzzz…








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