Day One Hundred and Fourteen

I am so tired! And yet I napped SO MUCH today. When I got home from
work, I intended to do laundry but instead took “a little naparoonie”. This took all afternoon. Then I picked up Kristyn and we were supposed to come in, get the laundry and go do it. Well, Kristyn found out I took a nap and decided she needed to take a revenge nap to even out the scale. She forced me to lay down next to her and rather than sleep, she whispered the following nonsense things to me:

1) S”omeday I am going to lose my hair, gain a lot of weight, cough frequently, have one eyeball that is wide open and one that is not. Also, a goiter.”

2) “Maybe can you help me with my Restless Leg Syndrome?”

3) “Hypothyroidism can be deadly if not treated by modern medicine.”

4) The Lithuanian words for “shut up”, “whisky” and “drunkard”.

5) “My Grandma taught me those words!”

6) “I am having a good time with you!”

Finally I said the Lithuanian word for “shut up” to her and made her go to sleep. An hour and seventeen minutes later I woke her up. There was an emotional struggle regarding the laundry and it was decided that it was impossible to do the laundry now that it was too late due to all of the aforementioned napping.

We cleaned up a bit and I worked on a project. We watched some “Parks and Recreation” and now I’m going to bed! Picking up my cuzzie Heather at LAX first thing! :)


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