Day One Hundred and Thirteen

Yesterday I caught up on a lot of stuff. My desk was drowning in paperwork because I’d had a busy week before I left for NJ and more filing had piled up in my absence. Considering that “filing” IS a large part of the job, I am glad that yesterday was a light day phone-wise and paperwork-wise so I could get all of this stuff properly filed and off of my desk. One of my bosses said, “Don’t worry, there will NEVER be a filing emergency” before I left in response to my panicky demeanor in regards to leaving while having a pile of papers to put away. So that was that.

I am also helping on another project I am really excited about and got to catch up with some of that last night too! Then I passed the heck OUT. We had to get Krissy to her internship early this morning so I figured I’d take advantage of the hour or two I had left before going to pick her up but our friend (and Kristyn’s co-worker) Nina saved the day! She offered to drive Kristyn home and thank God she did. THANK YOU NINA! Nina gave me the gift of two extra hours of sleep! Much appreciated.

Anyway, here I am taking a surreptitious creepalicious picture of myself at my desk yesterday. This is how I take my breaks: weirding out my coworkers by doing impromptu iPhone photo shoots at my desk. Good times.

Today is going to be cool because I really doubt anyone is going to come in today. Corporate America SHUTS DOWN around a holiday. It doesn’t matter if what you do is interesting. If you work in a corporate environment, it is usually safe to say that no one’s life is on the line if you trim a little fat off the sides of a holiday week. When I worked in publishing they always “surprised” us with a half day before a holiday. For real though, everyone had already made plans for “when we get out at one” in advance because it always happens. It’s nice that they pencil it in to email it as a “surprise” though. It’s kind of like how you and your parents agree to go on about that Santa thing a little bit after you both know the jig is up. And I interned here last year and it was the same as my publishing gig. Always a half day before the weekend. You can talk lots of crap about Corporate America but I won’t help you. Corporate America knows how to appreciate a holiday weekend and after all those damn years crying alone on holidays at the front desk of hotels or as the cashier at various stores or as the sandwich maker at a plethora of delis, I appreciate a good “surprise” half day. GOOD GODDAMN TIMES.

Also, I was just notified that “there are bagels”! Who do I sell my soul to to make this job stick?

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