My stomach is growling. Homegirl is hungry. Only a twenty five minutes until lunch. Today is kind of a slow day, I suppose because of the impending holiday. That and some other stuff. But it’s good because I am REALLY behind on filing. Getting a lot done today. Tomorrow will be nice because we have a half day. I have to go home and straighten up a bit because my cousin Heather is coming for the week! So I plan on taking her out Saturday and Sunday and then I have to work all week so she’ll be navigating the big badlands of LA on her lonesome. Luckily there’s a lot to do by yourself in LA so she’ll have fun.

I’m just killing a moment or two because sometimes the filing kills my legs. The cabinets are low to the ground and I have to sit on my legs to file. So I need a little break sometimes between low cabinets haha.

Okay, that’s enough nonsense. Back to work. Twenty minutes until lunch!!!

I leave you with a photo of a hair masterpiece that Kristyn’s Dad made back in the day. Behold the Ninja Turtle! Love it!

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