Day One Hundred and Eight

I really didn’t take any pictures yesterday so this one is from just now. We had a lot of fun yesterday and a lot of people stopped by Nana’s. What’s weird is that it wasn’t planned at all! Me, Kristyn, my cousin Kelly, her two boys Larry and Gavin, Uncle Danny, Aunt Lynn and their two sons Jonathan and Christopher and Christopher’s girlfriend Camille, obviously Mom, Nana and my brother Charles (they live here), my sister Christine, my Great Dorothy and Great Uncle Ray and our cousin Kevin and his wife Maryanne and my Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Pat who just returned from a trip to Ireland! They landed at Newark and drove straight here. They live a few blocks away but that’s a seven hour flight and they were tired but here!

It was so awesome to see everyone! Nana is well but weak, no appetite and no appetite means less strength and that is a vicious cycle. But I’m so happy to be here and so pissed that today is our last day. :/

Also Charles took me on a tour of Brick because I’ve never seen the whole thing before. On the road we decided to go pick up Kristyn at her parents house. We hung out there for a while and watched Ru Paul’s Drag Race haha. Then drove through BUCKETS of rain back to Nana’s. We chatted for a long time then Charles went out and me and Kristyn attempted to sleep in a twin bed haha. As soon as my Mom got up at 6:30, I stole her bed haha.
Anyway, I’ll talk later, want to to downstairs and chill with Mom and Nana!


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