Talkin about stuff.

I think over the course of these past ninety nine days I’ve blogged more CONSISTENTLY than ever because I am required to post one picture a day of myself, but I think that the laziness of said blogging has gone through the roof. I need to start posting shit other than the mundane aspects of my day to day plus pictures of me in my bedclothes.

In the past, I had a lot of weird things happen to me to talk about because I:

a) Had money to actually go places.
b) Took public transportation every day and THAT, my friends, is the gift that keeps on giving in regards to storytelling.

Anyway, although I have a full-time job, we don’t consider ourselves “on our feet” because it’s temporary/aka only until about July. So we can’t really start going wild having a good time because we need to think of this money as a finite windfall rather than a source of real steady income. Like, obviously, I’m going to keep job hunting if/when this gig is up but if I look at it in a pragmatic way, the likelihood is high that I will be unemployed for a long stretch once this job is up. SO we need to make this money stick. We need to throw it at things that matter and are important. These things are:

a) Paying off our bills.
b) Visiting our families.
c) Saving money in case of emergency.
d) Saving money so that we can move eventually.
e) Books for school.

We want to set ourselves up nicely with this money so that we aren’t always on the brink for the next few years. If we consider this money the same way you consider a bonus check or a tax return, aka one total sum rather than incremental payments, we can figure out a list of what we want and what we need and what needs to be replaced and what can be repaired and then allocate the appropriate amount of money towards those things so that for the next few years we aren’t left scrambling.

Then, worst case scenario:

I don’t get hired for a while. That will suck. BUT we will have no monkies on our backs (in the form of bills). We will have a nice, affordable place to live. We are better set up to withstand crisis and aren’t jumping from one frying pan into another all the time.

Best case scenario:

I DO get hired after this, either here or somewhere else, and we worried and scrimped and saved for nothing. Even then, it will be awesome because we will have gotten our house in order and can ACTUALLY enjoy ourselves and save up for the future rather than constantly playing catch-up.

So that’s our action plan. I mean I left a lot of details out because I don’t want to put them on the internets but I think, for once, since being in LA, we are actually on pretty good footing. AND another thing happened this week which would help us out even a little bit more if it works out but that’s not happening for a few months and I’ll tell ya about it then when it does.


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