Day Ninety-four

Kristyn doesn’t want to play this game anymore so she’s digging in her heels but you’ve still got me!

Anyway, yesterday I ran some errands and Kristyn worked 11-9. I went to the bank, to the goodwill (to look around, I bought a few skirts to alter) and grocery shopping. Look at that vending machine of whoopie cushions and stuff!

Oh AND our friend Vanessa sent us that Dr. Mario plaque! She made it!!! She makes awesome things out of these little beads and she knows we like Dr. Mario so BOOM! She also sent us cookies, a Christmas card and a candy cane (haha) and a letter. Thank you Vanessa!!!! We love it!!!

Then I went to get Krissy and we came home, had some coffee and ice cream then some blueberry beers. We watched Saturday Night Live on Netflix Instant and fell asleep on the couch. Good day!

P.S. Oh also we listened to Traditional Scottish Fiddle Music.








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