Day Ninety-one

The only pictures I took of myself yesterday were for another project and on my real camera. Unfortunately I didn’t get as good of a picture of Kristyn (as evidenced below in the weird cellie photo taken in the dark by iPhone light). Yesterday was a BUSY day. Good busy, not bad busy thank gawd. The blanket I’m laying on is the one you usually see on the couch in pictures. This is my Roseanne blanket unfurled. She’s a cutie if I do say so myself. I think I’m just gonna call this blanket Roseanne. Or maybe Darlene. She’s always laying on the couch. Anyway, gotta g-0.

* EDIT: Kristyn told me to delete her picture because she hated it. I had a choice between deletion or violence so I chose deletion. Well actually Kristyn would never be violent, just have a case of the sads and who wants that!!

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