On Saturday we FINALLY got to go see MEN! We have seen them before, opening for the Gossip, but this time we were really seriously jazzed about it (not that we weren’t then). When we saw MEN the first time, they were a new band, touring without even releasing a record. Basically they were just touring around based on JD’s awesome reputation because she was in Le Tigre and just awesome herself. We were really into that show but then didn’t have anything to listen to from them in the year and change that passed. So when they released “Talk About Body”, we bought it. Kristyn was offered to review it, and did, then was offered to interview them, and did and was then offered to cover the show for LA Music Blog…and did.

All I did was transcribe the interview and give Kristyn lots of pep talks haha.

But when “Talk About Body” came out, my down in the dump mood definitely brightened (as I’ve been boring you about) and suddenly a lot of cool shit came my way.

Anyway, Kristyn’s review of the show just went up and I want you to read it. I took all the pictures of MEN because I was better situated than she was. She took all the pictures of the band Psychic Friends (see the article).

So here is the link!

Here are some of the HUNDREDS of pictures I took. I took these straight off the blog because I am being lazy but maybe I’ll post more at a later date because I’m proud of some of’m.

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