Here are some of my favorite things about my brother…

Okay so guys, I have a brother that is eleven years younger than me. He will be 21 come this August. Amazing how fast time flies. Anyway, we were just talking about some shit on Facebook and he reminded me of some of my “FAVORITE MOMENTS IN CHARLES HISTORY!” Now there are a million but I’m just going to list the ones we were talking about (mostly).

1) When Charles was about ten-ish, I came home to find an empty house and a note scribbled on a scrap of paper. It read:

“Saw a fire – Charles”

No explanation.

2) These pictures, I think they speak for themselves but I should say that Abe Lincoln = Kristyn and Ben Franklin = Me:


3) The time he walked barefoot in knee-deep snow to my house because he was hungry and bored and I had empanadas and board games.

4) The time he ate an entire pack of cigarettes he had pulled out of my mother’s purse while we were sleeping.

5) This one time, I was babysitting him and me and my friends were playing cards.  He was probably ten or eleven.  My Mom came home from work around midnight and said, “Where’s Charles?”  We hadn’t seen him in a while and I guess figured he was in his room.  NO.  We found him outside (again in the snow) with his friends.  He just “went for a walk”.  *shaking head*

I’d tell you more but I have to go pick Kristyn up.  In the meantime, enjoy these pictures of Charles that I think kind of “capture his essence” haha.

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