Day Ninety

I have been trying to write a post for Day Ninety ALL DANG DAY. It’s been a busy day. Since this is my latest yet, I’m just gonna summarize by saying:

Work – Good!
Internship – Kristyn wrote her first script!
Dinner – Brite Spot!
LA Music Blog – We went to see Light Asylum!
Apartment Drama – Big embarrassing notice slapped on the front gate from the city! No it’s not regarding us, we’re not in trubz, landlord is. Oh lord.
Pictures of us – I forgot to take one until I was in bed with the lights out, had to pop back up, turn on the lights and take them. Kristyn laughed at my misfortune until I had to take her picture and then I laughed at her misfortune. The cats kissed and Monster put his ass in Kristyn’s face. I gave you a bonus picture of me to show my hair because I used Pert Plus again for the first time and it actually has “body” (if you care about such things) and the bonus of Kristyn is because her face in it made me laugh. She’ll hate me for showing you that picture but if I’m gonna go down, I’m gonna go down swingin.

Later. (I’m leaving work already, whatta world!)


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