Day Eighty-six

I passed OUT last night before I could write this. This has been an exhausting week but a great one. God I hope they let me keep this job. This is purely wishful thinking on my part because I was told when I was hired that this is most definitely NOT a temp to perm situation. The person I am covering IS going back to their desk. BUT this is all predicated on some ex-intern coming to take the spot she’s filling, a spot she WANTS really bad. And she is really GREAT. Like super professional and efficient. So IDK. I mean maybe if she knocks their socks off, they’ll keep her, leaving her position open. And maybe if I knock their socks off I can keep mine. But there’s danger bc they can still bring him on for where I am and “let me go” as was scheduled so we’ll see.

Either way I’m starting school in the fall. I have to finish that goddamn bachelor’s degree if it kills me. I can maybe just make my classes real late at night or maybe even on Saturdays. I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again.

Either way I’m not gonna cry over spilled milk because there are too many awesome happy things on the horizon. Who can complain?

Here I am pre-loss of consciousness.


Here’s Krissy playing with Chuckles.


Here’s a cute notebook I bought to scribble down my “How-To’s” at work. A bean fitty at Michael’s! And no, I don’t know why it says “The greatest!” at the bottom. I repeat: a bean fitty.


And here are my gray-clad stems at my desk. Kristyn always tries to talk me out of wearing these tights for some reason so I rarely wear them. I thwarted her yesterday and put’m on. I love them!


Okay I gotta go help Kristyn get ready for work. We’re going to see MEN perform at the Echo tonight, so excited! I honestly and for truly credit their recent record for pulling me out of the goddamn slump I’ve been in for six months. It inspired me in a way I haven’t felt in a long time and a ton of great things followed.

Anyway, later!

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