Day Eighty-five

I AM EXHAUSTED. So I’ll give it to you quick and dirty. Here I am taking surreptitious photos of myself at my desk.


Here is Kristyn on the bus just minutes after suddenly and violently puking into a bag.


Here is the bag.


Kristyn was stunned by this development obviously. And worse, it wasn’t just the type of thing where you cough up a quick hairball. No there was heaving. It was a full on yak and it was in a bus. Poor Krissy. We’re both feeling yakkish, maybe it’s something we ate?

Anyway gotta to to sleep. But let me say that although I am SO TIRED, it is REALLY nice to be making myself useful in the workforce again even if it is only a few month gig. Okay g’nite for realsies.

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