Day Eighty-four

I am mothercrunkin EXHAUSTED. It rained in LA today which meant that traffic was off the hizzy. I’m not one of those bitches that whines about traffic in LA bc I grew up in Northeastern NJ where highways are built fuckocked to fit AROUND previously existing businesses and homes. LA is a much newer, more spread out area and the highway system was built RIGHT. So yeah you’re in traffic but it’s always a straightaway and no fng jughandles or circles or other cockamamie shit is involved. ANYWAY. What is usually a 45 drive took a good two hours. I had just enough time to get home, eat some dinner (Irish Soda Bread, Tea and Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese – no hating I was tired and cold), feed the animals and I had to run out the door again. I had to go watch and shoot photos of a band. They were AWESOME. But it was at Satellite/Spaceland which is nearby so that’s good. After that I only had enough time to get home and watch one episode of Roseanne before having to leave to pick up Lil Krissy.

Now I’m in bed. Time to watch more Roseanne until I pass the heck out. Gnite!



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