Day Seventy-six

Kristyn interned today. When she got home, we grilled veggie burgers, drank Blueberry Beer and played Rock Band all night. I texted about the end of the world with my brother, Wee Charles, as you do and now we’re watching “Skins”. I almost turned my back on it after the cast change but they’ve piqued my interest again.

I talked to my Mom this morning too and she just got over the flu. She feels like the gravity of how sick she felt was lost on everyone so she asked me to raise her suffering’s profile by writing a song about it or a screenplay, or at the very least a blog post. I actually have another plan about it that I want to do. Will work on it tomorrow. I gotchoo Mom.

In the pictures below, I took a normal one of myself after many crazy ones, one of’m I’ve posted below. Here’s Kristyn looking cute alone and with Monster!

Today was a good day. Goodnight!

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