Day Seventy-five

Today was a great day! I will bullet the things we did so as to make this a more coherent post:

* Slept late.

* Had frozen pizza and coffee for breakfast. We did this bc a) it was 1pm by the time we had breakfast, b) I didn’t feel like cooking a big breakfast (I always cook a big breakfast). c) I was in the mood for pizza.

* Got ready and Kristyn put some finishing touches on her awesome project. I swear you’ll know what it is soon.

* Went and got my phone fixed!!! The guy was so nice and even gave us two free iPhone cases for our trubz. Thank spaghetti cat* this phone is fixed. (* I only noticed that I wrote “cat” instead of “monster” after I wrote this. I guess you can say that my religion is cats. OR that I associate the word “Monster” strictly with cats now because I have a cat named “Monster”. OR maybe I worship Monster as my God. Interesting tell that is.)

* Went to Amoeba to return the record player needle. They don’t usually do returns but they were nice enough to let us just this once. The right size one is in the mail.

* Went to Rudy’s to get our hairs cut as evidenced below. I got my bangs angle-cut a la Emily on season three of Skins. I’m not into this cast but damn does she have nice bangs. Kristyn was inspired by one of Hannah Blilie’s cuts. Looks SO cute. And she has a perfect-shaped shaved head. Not a shocker haha.

* Came home and had veggie Taylor Ham and cheese on toast and fries.

* Drank some blueberry beers.

* Kristyn did some dishes while I cooked.

* Listened to some music.

* Then Kristyn read more of “Girls to the Front” to me while I worked on my horsey paint by number.

* Talked about all kinds of stuff and now we’re going to bed, gotta be up early in the morning.

Oh and about those two almost identical pictures of Kristyn and Monster below? I couldn’t decide which one to post because although they both look cute in both, Kristyn has a better face in one and Monster’s is better in the other haha.

Okay! Goodnight!

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