Day Seventy-three

Today I watched a LOT of Roseanne and did a lotta computer work. Kristyn had to work early so she got out early too. When she got home we went over the bills and got a lot paid off with Kristyn’s tax return. It feels so good to get up to date with things. We’re not out of the woods but we spent her return responsibly and it feels good. Phone, Internet, loans, insurance, gas, electric, water, even some of our library fees. Yes we had library fees. We worked out what else we need to settle and are feeling a lot better about our situation. (And we’re allowed to rent library books again!)

Another thing we decided is that I need to start volunteering. Basically I’ve been staying home and doing nothing because I feel guilty having any fun while Kristyn is slaving away at work. BUT considering I can’t find a job, I have a lot of hours in the day to fill and not much to fill it with. I realized I can be volunteering my time and Kristyn told me she’d rather I do this so I can kinda, you know, get out once in a damn while haha. Also, maybe I can meet people and they can refer me for jobs which means I might gain some cash money. So that’s another part of the plan. GLAAD emails me all the time about volunteer opportunities and so does Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. IDK, stuff to consider.

ALSO, we have a lot of cool stuff going on this month. A few shows for LA Music Blog and a Flash Mob (that we cannot discuss). Then next month our friend Silvia and my cousin Heather are coming to visit AND we’re volunteering for the GLAAD Media Awards. I also started helping someone on a really cool project and I’m excited about it.

SO things are looking up! Here is me and my schnoz and Kristyn sleeping. G’nite!

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