Day Seventy-two

I watched a helluva lot of Roseanne today. Couldn’t do much with the computer because Kristyn was making use of it. I sewed some holes in my clothes. When Kristyn came home, we ran some errands. Went to Home Depot, Whole Foods and then to Ameoba Records. We needed to buy a replacement needle for our record player but unforch the only one they had didn’t fit our player. I DID, however, buy a used copy of the Rocky III Soundtrack on vinyl. Too bad I can’t listen to it. Boo.

When we got home, Kristyn wrote an article for LA Music Blog while I watched more Roseanne. We drank tea and then some Guinness. I had some Irish Soda Bread and then looked up Tartan Day (which is April 6th). Now I’m gonna go to bed.

Fascinating stuff huh?

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