I have a lot of things that I want to do at the moment.  I’m doing them but not as fast as I want to.  I need to focus my brain tissue into getting the things I want to do done today.  They are:

1) Dishes.  I have to do the goddamn dishes.

2) Shower. It hasn’t been a full day since my last one but I think I’ll feel more awake if I just get it done with. I’ve gotten a weird habit of showering before I go to bed which is just NOT how I’ve run my life on Planet Earth.  It’s kind of nice to get into bed sparkling clean but by morning, I feel sluggish. I need that morning shower to wake my fool ass up.

3) Apply to ONE scholarship. This means write just ONE essay. By tonight.

4) Apply to jobs —> Did this one already today.

5) Make some more phone calls I’ve been all procrastinatey about —> Did this one already too.

6) Straighten up this dump. It’s kind of already straight but I think I want to vacuum or something.

7) Write down list of Scholarship Due Dates.

I think that’s about it.  Booyizzle. Gotta stop talking, and start doing.

By the by, it’s definitely Spring here in LA.  It was so warm out today that I had to run the ceiling fans and have the doors and windows open. I’m scared because that means “Hotter than the Surface of the Sun” season is starting and LA that means almost eight full months of torture.  Why I moved closer to the equator will always be a mystery even to me.

Me = Does not do well in oppressive heat.

Apartment = Sold to us as having a working Air Conditioner only to get here and find that “working” is a loose term for our landlord. “Working” can mean that it actually cools the air in the apartment down so as to provide comfort to mammals living within.  “Working” can also mean “blowing hot air from outside into the apartment and making a whirring sound when plugged in and turned on”. To our landlord “working” means the latter. *sigh*

Okay, bye.




2 thoughts on “Procrastinatrix

  1. This reminds me of my best friend. She LOVES making lists. In fact, she has it on her FB profile as one of her interests. She’s always making lists like yours. LOL =)

    • Haha OMG I make lists for EVERYTHING. If I don’t, I don’t get anything done. Cannot rely on my brain to remember haha. I even text message lists to Kristyn AND myself. I have books full of them. Haha.

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