Day Sixty-nine

Today I did a lot of running around about my phone. The backlight is deffo kaputskis. So the Apple store told me that he can replace the screen for one hundred beans. I do not have one hundred beans. AT&T told me that I can “upgrade” to the same phone I have for 50 beans but then I’d be shackling myself to them for another two years and we were gonna be free from their clutches in March. Honestly we’re happy with AT&T’s service so we’re probably gonna stay with them regardless but it’s tough because the iPhone is too expensive for us but even more expensive to cancel. So IDK. Maybe I’ll just deal with it and see how long I can hold off doing anything about it.

In other news, we grocery shopped and bought a neti pot today. Kristyn’s sinuses bother her a lot and I have bad allergies so we figured we’d give it a whirl. Smashing success I’d say. It made us both feel really good. It totally exhausted both of us though if that’s possible. Right now I feel like this:

Remember when you were a kid and you went to the park all day and went bananas playing with your friends? Kickball, bike riding, hide and go seek, tag, etc, etc, etc…and then you come home, eat dinner, your Mom puts you in the bath and then you’re just totally totally D-O-N-E? A day full of frenzied activity and then the cozy sleepiness that follows? That’s me right now.

Anyway, here I am with the neti pot. It was actually filled with saline solution when I took that picture and I accidentally snorted it up my nose and sort of choked. Idiot at your service. *deep bow* (Also, I highly recommend neti pots!)

And here is a sliver of Kristyn’s face. I call it her “Holly Hobby” look. She’d rather it be called “Not pictured”. (She almost refused to let me take a picture of her today. She muttered the word “wig” a couple of times. Take that as you will.)

Okay, gonna watch some X-Files. I’m all over the place with these tv shows. God I love Netflix Instant. (How did we live before Netflix Instant?!) G’nite!

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