Day Sixty-eight

We had a good day today. We had to run some errands and make some phone calls but once that was done we decided to spend the day having a cheap day about town. We weren’t sure what to do and after shooting down a couple of Kristyn’s (good) suggestions (because it was too late or too expensive), we decided to have a day called “What Would Geoff Do?” Geoff is one of Kristyn’s co-workers and throughout the year and a half they’ve worked together, he’s given her a number of suggestions for cheap good times in LA.

1) The Jewish Women’s Council Thrift Shop – This place had some cool vintage stuff but it was definitely priced at “vintage” rather than “thrift”. They had quite a few cool dresses from the 60’s though. You don’t see that stuff in thrift stores anymore. We bought the following there:

* A paperback autobiography on Roseanne Barr. Did not know she wrote one.

* An record of Bee Gee’s Greatest Hits. I said, “What’s on there?” Kristyn said, “It’s all there!” Sold.

* A pretty awesome book that Gary Larson (creator of the Far Side) wrote on his creative process.

Total cost: $2

2) Cantor’s – Apparently this is a legendary bakery/diner. Everything was about Guns and Roses. I *think* that the owner knows Slash? Anyway we bought cookies there.

3) Then we wandered into a Jewish grocery store. This was my doing. I love Jewish shops because of all those summers in the Catskills. *shrug*

4) An Indian grocery store that I think was called “Sweets and Spices”. This was on the Geoff tour. Kristyn recently asked him how to make Indian food (in a roundabout way) and he directed us here. We bought some instant Indian food, Naan, and Tamarind Chutney. THEN we ordered Samosas and Pakora. The Samosas were one bean each and the Pakora two beans for like four Pakora. So good. We bought more to reheat with our Indian groceries. Dinner tomorrow!

5) Then we stopped two more thrift shops in Little Ethiopia. First of all, there are a LOT of restaurants there that look good. Second of all, there were two vintage shops side by side that were pretty awesome, one moreso than the other. The one that was AWESOME had all old cameras (love), rotary telephones, old books and all other kinds of great stuff. The best thing I saw in there though was this watch that I SWEAR TO GOD my Great Grandma had the exact same one (or just really similar). I wanted it so bad. It was from the 20’s and like $40. I will find a way to make this happen (once I get a job). I forgot about that watch until I saw it again today. Then when I saw the old heavy black rotary phone I almost died. She had the same one. It was $80. I will definitely find a way to own that too. I just don’t really have anything of hers and she was like a second mother.

Anyway. We came home, I applied to a bunch of jobs, Kristyn wrote some questions for an interview and we are some more Pakora and Samosas. Now we’re watching “Party Down” and going to bed. G’nite!

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