Day Sixty-six

Yesterday I totally soaked my phone while doing dishes and the screen blacked out. I read online that in order to fix it I should remove the sim card, blow dry the orifices and put it in a bag of rice to wick out any moisture. Above all else, DO NOT TURN IT ON because if you do, you’ll short it out because electricity + water = bad news. Well, I already had turned it on and off twice so IDK. I took the sim card out, have it shut off and am blow drying it occasionally.

The point is, it’s been off all day. In this day of no cell phone, I sewed and entire dress from scratch, made a skirt out of an old pair of pants, fixed a rip in one of Kristyn’s bras and made a headband. I think I officially hate my phone.

Also, I watched the entirety of series one of UK Skins. So. Good. I’m starting series two right now. My change of Doctor was good but I started Skins out of curiosity. I’ve had a few false starts with that and the IT Crowd. Skins stuck this time. I’m gonna try to make IT Crowd happen too. We’ll see. I also want to watch Misfits but that also rubbed me the wrong way off the bat. But then, so did the Office, both UK and America. Again, we’ll see.

When Kristyn got home from work, we drank Two Buck Chuck and watched “Party Down”. Kristyn finally finished season one and now we’re up to the Orgy on season two. She took the bus to dreamland so I’m back at Skins until I fall asleep.

Okay here we are. I’m smiling and Kristyn’s eating popcorn (her happy place).


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